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Heart 2 Heart Transportation, LLC

Transporting and Transforming Lives One Heart At A Time

Heart 2 Heart Transportation, LLC Six Flags Reservation 

*Updated April 2, 2023

**Morning Check in Required!       **Covid19 Protocols In Place

*NO Reservation - NO Seat!*

**NO PM WALK - ON's!

***NO PM One-Way riders!!!

**** If you register LATE-You WAIT.

***If you don't Register & Check in with us in the morning, YOU CANNOT RIDE home in the evening - WE DON'T HAVE A SEAT 4 U!

****Riders who miss or fail to come at your scheduled time off, you'll FORFEIT/LOSE your seat & risk being banned!

Afternon/Evening Return Home UPDATE (5/7/23):  

ALL Riders on the 1st/2nd RUNS (6:30-7:30 -8:30-9:30) MUST BE UP FRONT by the TOP of the HOUR (6-7-8-9) to CHECK IN.  Only those with schedules requiring LATE DEPARTURE* (cell phone schedule verification required), will be permitted to board without consequence!  

All Riders for the SECOND RUN (8-9-10-11, 12AM or 1AM) must arrive by the quarter hour (7:45-8:45-9:45-10:45 or 12:45AM).

RESERVE SEATS by 5pm THURSDAY for the weekend and following week(s)!  ENTER ALL DATES from YOUR SCHEDULE!


*No bills larger than $20, please.  NO REFUNDS!!!

FYI:  If you are not prepared with CASH, the CASHAPP fee will be $15 ($Heart2HeartStl) 

"Parent Information Zoom Required of all Riders 14 - High School age 19 & Under"

**Recording devices are in use at Check In and On the Bus**


#1 Option: Register here:

Email questions ONLY here, NOT seat registrations:  [email protected]

#2 Option:  2023 Click Here to Secures Seats  

Required 24 hours in Advance! Click to reserve.

#3 Option:

  2023 QR code - Seat Reservation

  • Rider Name
  • Rider Mobile Number
  • Rider Email
  • Rider Dates 

Thank you!

PS NO GUARANTEES for WALK ONS!  But, IF SPACE is available (day by day basis) a  $20 fee is charged to receive service BACK to N. Hanley on a first come-first served basis for drop offs/missed bus times or special circumstances!  The owner or administrator's decision is final and the ride must be pre-approved.